Infinity Foundation India is a public charitable and educational trust based out of Chennai (India) engaged in education and research in the area of civilization studies.

Infinity Foundation India

Our vision is to bring about advancement of national integrity, education and the building of an Indian civilizational narrative. We celebrate being different and look forward to a world where myriad cultures thrive in an atmosphere of mutual respect.


Infinity Foundation India is at the forefront of civilization studies from an Indian point of view, and strives to ensure that Indian knowledge systems are given their due as legitimate cultural assets on the world stage.

Our range of activities are broad, and include education and research, media engagement, policy recommendations for various public and private bodies, and social activism for the betterment of society.

Swadeshi Indology 1

Our flagship Swadeshi Indology Conference Series analyzes and respond to prevailing misconceptions about Indian civilization in academia. We have organized six Swadeshi Indology conferences till date. Read More

Education and Research

Our areas of research include history, science, social and political thought, mind and body healing, and spirituality.

Our Intellectual Kshatriya portal provides a platform where scholars and public intellectuals write on contemporary issues and modern narratives from an Indian civilizational standpoint.

We conduct internship and educational programs for interested students and scholars of Indian civilization. Read this report on a 21 day internship program for school students on how Artificial Intelligence is likely to impact different aspects of Indian civilization.


We have published nine volumes of the proceedings of Swadeshi Indology Journals. Read More.

Career Opportunities

If you are interested in a career with Infinity Foundation India, please send an email to:

We are currently looking for competent English to Hindi translator. Please click on this link for more details. Last date to apply: 31-July-2022