Infinity Foundation India


Infinity Foundation India is a not for profit trust incorporated at Chennai, India. It envisages four tracks of activities. 

Track A: Original R&D/book publishing. Rajiv Malhotra, inspiration of IFI has 15 books in the pipeline and he is looking for experienced research/writing assistants to help him out.

Track B:  Swadeshi Indology movement: This will nurture new scholars to take up the subject matters from A, produce more scholarship and publish more books. The idea is to build a Home Team of intellectuals of the highest standard.

Track C: E-learning: Here we plan to develop courses based on topics where we have research leadership. The book, Being Different, will be the first topic for such a course. These will be taught with university credits. We are just now putting concrete plans together.

Track D: Outreach. This includes popular level mass distribution, using media and social media. This is where all the book clubs and volunteer teams come in.