Infinity Foundation India Team

Rajiv Malhotra – Founder and CEO

Rajiv Malhotra was trained initially as a Physicist, and then as a Computer Scientist specializing in AI in the 1970s. After a successful corporate career in the US, he became an entrepreneur and founded and ran several IT companies in 20 countries. Since the early 1990s, as the founder of his non-profit Infinity Foundation (Princeton, USA), he has been researching civilizations and their engagement with technology from a historical, social sciences and mind sciences perspective. He has authored several best-selling books. Infinity Foundation has also published a 14-volume series on the History of Indian Science & Technology. His latest book on AI is titled, “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Power: 5 Battlegrounds”, in which India is the case study to analyze the impact of AI in a variety of domains.

Rajiv wants to complete his work involving three separate priorities:

  1. Complete and publish the pipeline of original research to challenge prevailing paradigms
  2. Disseminate this path-breaking knowledge widely using multiple channels
  3. Train an army of intellectual kshatriyas to reposition Indian civilization in the global discourse and carry his work forward to the next generation.

Vijaya Viswanathan – President

Vijaya has studied and worked for two decades in the United States, Europe and Singapore in industries ranging from Manufacturing and Finance to Consulting.  Vijaya is an Ivy League graduate, with a Masters degree in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA in Finance and entrepreneurship from the prestigious Wharton Business School.

Vijaya is the President of Infinity Foundation India (IFI), headquartered in Chennai as a volunteer. She is a serious student of Vedanta and went on to study the prasthana trayam (The Gita, Upanishad and the Brahma Sutra) along with the study of Samskritam. She is a disciple of Pujya Sri Dayananda Saraswathi of the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam. Apart from this, she is also an avid Carnatic music rasika and interested in musicology.

In her other roles, Vijaya is the founder and Managing Trustee of Ashrita Trust, USA, which focuses on reviving samskriti for universal well being.  She is in the leadership of Samskrita Bharati (vishesha samparka) and has been a volunteer for Samskrita Bharati USA.

Prof. K S Kannan – Academic Director

Dr. K.S. Kannan is the Academic Director of Swadeshi Indology Conference Series organised by Infinity Foundation India. A renowned scholar of Sanskrit, he was formerly the Director at Karnataka Samskrit University, Bangalore., and has a rich teaching experience of over 35 years in the National College, Bangalore. He is a Nominated Member of the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla. Amongst the various recognitions he has received, is the title “Vidyānidhi” conferred by HH Rangapriya Swamiji and the International Merit Award for a paper on Machine Translation.

Amongst his numerous publications, the most recent ones are the 4 Volumes (out of the planned 8) he has edited, the proceedings of the First and Second Swadeshi Indology Conferences. His scholarly substantive writings include The Theoretical Foundations of Āyurveda, Itihāsa Purāṇa, Dhātu Rūpa Kośa, and Kṛdanta Rūpa Kośa. Works edited by him, with translations and scholarly notes, include Virūpākṣa Vasantotsava Campū, Bhaimī Pariṇaya Nāṭaka Saṅgraha, Madhurā Vijaya, and Kṣema Kutūhala. (Many of these works have been prescribed as text books in, and published by Bangalore University). He has also translated Sri Rajiv Malhotra’s Being Different into Kannada, published as Vibhinnate.

He has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals, presented papers in International and National Conferences. The topics on which he has published include “Fauna in Upaniṣadic literature”, “The Symbolism of the Inverted Tree”, “The Metaphysics of Ānanda-tāṇḍava, the Bliss-Dance”, and “Kṛtrima-manīṣāyāṁ caitanya-tattvam”(=“The Concept of Consciousness in Artificial Intelligence”). The conferences where he has presented papers include the ones organized by institutions and universities such as University of Kelaniya (Srilanka), World Sanskrit Conferences (Canada, Bangalore), Chinmaya International Foundation (Kerala), Oriental Research Institute (Mysore), Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (Bangalore), Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions (Bangalore), University of Hyderabad (Hyderabad), the Mythic Society (Bangalore), Academy of Sanskrit Research (Melukote), Central Institute of Indian Languages (Mysore), University of Calicut (Kerala) and Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidya Peetha (Tirupati). A member of Board of Study and Board of Examination of various universities, he has acted as the Subject Expert on several Advisory Committees.

He has written several invited articles in volumes such as Swami Chinmayananda Birth Centenary Celebration Commemorative Volume (Chinmaya International Foundation, Kerala), Aspects of Pāṇinian Semantics (Sahitya Akademi, Delhi), Śāstrajīvita – Prof. G V Abhivandana Sampuṭa (JSMandali, Bangalore), Bhāratīya Saṁvedane (Rashtrakavi Govinda Pai Samshodhana Kendra, Udupi) and Śiva Tattva Ratnākara (Kannada University, Hampi).

He has given several invited talks in fora that include International Gītā Forum (Singapore), Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore), Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore), IGNCA (New Delhi), IGNCA (Bangalore), Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs (Bangalore), SVV University (Tirupati), Indian Institute of World Culture (Bangalore), Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidya Peetha (Tirupati), Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan (Guruvayur), International Institute of Pali, Sanskrit and Comparative Philosophy (Gulbarga), Chinmaya International Foundation (Veliyanad), and Karnataka Samskrit University (Bangalore); and also in TV Channels: Doordarshan Chandana, Udaya TV and Sankara TV. He has also participated as a Pracchaka in several Aṣṭāvadhāna programs.

Meera H R – Senior Editor

Meera H R is an engineer by her initial training. She gave up her software consulting job to pursue her interest in Sanskrit. After acquiring an MA degree, she has now submitted her PhD dissertation on a multi-disciplinary topic involving Cognitive Linguistics and Alaṅkāraśāstra. She has co-authored Vibhinnate, the Kannada translation of Being Different of Sri Rajiv Malhotra and Śrī Rāma Saṅkīrtanam, with Dr. K.S.Kannan.

The papers and book-chapters she has (co/) authored include “Sanskrit – the Phoenix Phenomenon”, “Microcosmic Perspectives on Macrocosmic Management”, “Kātantra Vyākaraṇa”, and “Context in Utterance and Utterance in Context”. She has presented papers in various conferences at the National and International level, including the recent 17th World Sanskrit Conference at Vancouver, Canada.

She is a trained Carnatic classical vocalist and has been under the tutelage of Karnataka Kalashree Vidushi Smt. Jambu Kannan. She has performed at SK Ramachandra Rao Memorial Concert, Vallabham Kalyanasundaram Concert and at various fora such as the Indian Institute of World Culture, Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs, and ISKCON temple. Apart from these, she has taken part in several Aṣṭāvadhāna-s for Kāvyavācana. She has taken part in several lectures on topics such as “Śivānandalaharī”, “Yogatārāvalī”, “Gīta Govinda”, and “Kṛṣṇa Karṇāmṛta”, presenting select verses from the respective works that she has set to music.

She is the Senior Editor in charge of all the Academic Publications of IF.

Shalini P V – Managing Trustee

Shalini is an engineering graduate who diversified into the language domain later in her career. She has proficiency in 7 languages. She has worked for about two decades in various roles as an engineer, teacher, student of language, translator, relationship manager and project manager for various projects in diverse domains.

She joined Infinity Foundation India at its inception and is Managing Trustee and Coordinator for the Swadeshi Indology Conference Series. Apart from this she manages and coordinates with the Admin, Editorial and Video Production team in-house. She also liaises with IFI’s external resources and works towards building long term relationships for collaboration on projects that seek to impact and change the prevailing discourse about India.

R Buvaneswari – Administrative Executive

R Buvaneswari, is a B.Com graduate from Bharathidasan University, currently employed as Admin Executive in Infinity Foundation India, Chennai. She has worked earlier with Unicef and FAO, Organizations of the United Nations and has more than 20 years of experience in various fields viz., Adminstration, Operations and Finance & Budgeting.

Subhodeep Mukhopadhay – Trustee

Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay is a computer engineer and MBA with a corporate background in data science and management reporting. At Infinity Foundation India, he oversees various research initiatives and academic projects in the areas of civilization studies and closely aligned with the organization’s goal of producing better understanding among different cultures.

Divya Nagaraj – Digital Marketing Manager

Divya Nagaraj is a Computer Engineer and a post-graduate in Management who joined Infinity Foundation as a Researcher and the host of ‘The Youth Asks’ series featured on the Rajiv Malhotra YouTube Channel.

At Infinity Foundation, she oversees social media activities, manages a team of 20+ youth volunteers, develops educational material & other projects of IF that include the dissemination of the foundation’s original research activities.

She also contributes articles to the Intellectual Kshatriya portal & other research projects.

Biswajit Malakar –Cinematography & Animation

Biswajit Malakar is a photographer/graphics designer and a film-maker by profession from the small town of Shillong, Meghalaya, India. His educational back ground is in Commerce and he is currently pursuing BBA at Sikkim Manipal university. He has a fine arts diploma from the Sarbha Bharatiya Sangeet o Sanskrit Parishad, Kolkata & an IT diploma from NIIT.

He started professional work in late 2015, moving up to private projects and scoring an interview with international Musicians at the first Shillong Open Air Festival. The following years he worked with Flamingos BTL covering the first national conference of delegates from 28 states under the Meteorology Department of Meghalaya. From there, he worked on various small projects with the same department & also with the department of Transport, Meghalaya. In 2015 he moved onto his own documentary film project which was supported and sponsored by the Arts and culture department of Meghalaya. At the time he was also the director of Clouded Cat Media Production Private Ltd. With over 3 years of professional experience he is currently working as fulltime cinematographer & motion graphics animator with Infinity Foundation India. Other than his work he takes great interest anthropology and music.

Divya Sharma – Graphics Designer

Divya Sharma is a Graphic Designer living in Delhi, India. She has a degree in Multimedia from Picasso Animation College, Delhi. Her aim whenever she is working, is to always create compelling and effective designs, conceptualised thumbnails, flyers, infographics & banners. Defined as an adaptable, ambitious, self motivated and down to earth individual, she combines this with limitless imagination and creative drive. Her passion for design is deeper than simply sitting at a computer beautifying things. To her, designing is a way to inspire and broaden minds.

Vandana Mishrra – Marketing Executive

Vandana V Mishra has a Masters degree in Statistics from Mumbai University and Post graduate Diploma degree in Computer Science from a private institution in Mumbai. She worked as a Research Associate in the Electrical Engg. Dept in IIT Kanpur and later traveled to many countries before returning to her motherland Bharat, in 2017, She came across Rajiv Malhotra’s work while working as a consultant in a hospital at Bengaluru and was transformed through it. She works with Infinity Foundation India as a Digital Marketing Executive.