Rajiv Malhotra

Founder and CEO, Infinity Foundation.

Rajiv Malhotra, Infinity’s founder, had a fast-track US career as corporate executive, management consultant and business entrepreneur. At age 44, he retired completely from material pursuits to devote his life solely to serving the cause of his heritage. He is a well-known scholar, acclaimed author and high profile public intellectual with a widespread following in India and the West.

Infinity Foundation has given 400 grants (totaling $6 million) for pioneering work:

  • Used the Indian lens to map the Kurukshetra of civilizational discourse
  • Identified, studied and responded to biases, stereotypes and denigration of Hindu dharma
  • Exposed numerous instances of appropriation of Hindu-Buddhist ideas and practices that get reclassified as Christianity or Western science
  • Galvanized awareness among the Indian diaspora, Hindu gurus and civic leaders
  • Funded chairs and programs in prestigious universities that can be game changing
  • Led school curriculum and textbook activism in favor of our civilization
  • Pioneered research on Indian approaches to mind sciences
  • Publishing History of Indian Science & Technology series (14 volumes done out of 20).
  • Conducted workshops and youth events on Hindu identity: Why, How, What
  • Developing original futurist solution to global issues using dharmic knowledge systems
  • Launched social media activism to counter old, established print and TV biases

Now at 67, Rajiv wants to complete his work involving three separate priorities:

  1. Complete and publish the pipeline of original research to challenge prevailing paradigms
  2. Disseminate this path-breaking knowledge widely using multiple channels
  3. Train an army of intellectual Kshatriyas to reposition Indian civilization in the global discourse and carry his work forward to the next generation.