Newsletter: March 2021

Discussion with Madhu Kishwar

In this engaging and thought-provoking discussion, Rajiv Malhotra and Madhu Kishwar discuss a range of issues in the context of Rajiv Malhotra’s book “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Power.”

Rajiv Malhotra discloses some of his original research findings publicly for the first time, and explains how he had to go underground to gather this data:

  • role of people like George Soros in manipulating Indian psychology
  • deployment of AI by missionaries
  • Breaking India 2.0

Madhu and Rajiv further discuss topics like the obsolescence of social sciences, moronization of the masses, emergence of digital devatas and the return of the East India Company. The discussion then moves to the stress-test of India at three levels in light of AI’s impact: sthula sharir (physical), sukshma sharir (psychological) and karan sharir (character/karmic).

The economic disruption and Breaking India 2.0 from inside and the China-Pak threat from outside are discussed. The case of Yogi Adityanath encouraging the data hijacking of the Kumbh Mela is another important point of discussion.

The conversation then moves on to things like how Indians are doing in AI as individuals, the lack of R&D in the Make in India project causing knowledge obsolescence, the question of whether India is for sale, etc.

Madhu Kishwar questions Rajiv on the motivation behind writing the book, and asks him to evaluate the RSS, government, spiritual leaders and other institutions in terms of AI readiness.

The metaphor of India as the Titanic hitting AI as the iceberg is used to conclude, along with an urgent call to action.

AI and the Disruption of Power

In this webinar hosted by the Society of Indian Academicians in America (SIAA), Rajiv explains how AI is being used by Breaking India Forces to upgrade themselves to BI 2.0.

He delves into how the discourse of the past decade on decolonization is now obsolete and most Hindutva activists, thought leaders and political leaders are clueless about the latest battlegrounds.

He also gives a glimpse of how India could potentially leapfrog ahead in AI using a Vedic framework.

AI & Global Power

In this very important panel discussion, moderated by physicist Abhijit Chavda, Velena Tchakarova (Director of Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy), Ruchir Sharma (international affairs and social entrepreneurship expert In India and Europe) and Rajiv Malhotra engage in a lively discussion about the evolution of geopolitics in the backdrop of accelerating AI deployment over the coming decades.

They discuss the history and evolution of US-China relations and their emergence as the two leaders in artificial intelligence. They also touch upon India’s position on the world stage, the perpetuation of colonialism in Indian politics and the need to develop indigenous technological prowess.

Discussion with Vandana Shiva

In this engaging conversation, Rajiv Malhotra and Vandana Shiva discuss the battlegrounds of agency and self. They contextualize the discussion to the related grave issue of AI being used for intellectual property theft in agriculture, traditional medicines, and plants. This is a vibrant discussion that ought to wake up thinkers on farmers’ rights, animal rights, science, privacy and data laws, globalization and decolonization.

Quantum Computing & National Security

This is a candid conversation between quantum computing expert Mrityunjoy Guha Majumdar and Rajiv Malhotra. They discuss how India lags behind in this cutting edge technology that is set to defeat all conventional computing systems, and might pose a grave national security risk.

Countries like the U.S. and China have a defense-industry-academic collaboration that brings great practical value to the R&D effort. The Indian budget for quantum computing has recently increased but is still minuscule compared to both the U.S. and China.

India’s approach to quantum computing has been decentralized and not large-scale, mission-oriented, with a central body providing leadership and direction. Moreover, Indian patent law is not up to speed with global developments, which makes it difficult to patent Indian intellectual property and also leads to brain drain.

Student Q&A on AI and the Future

In this very lively and engaging Q&A session, young students ask Rajiv Malhotra sharp, insightful and thought-provoking questions on wide-ranging issues related to AI and technology leadership in the context of Rajiv Malhotra’s book.

  • How AI shapes new smritis
  • Whether AI might lead to dictatorship and oligarchy, the future of democracy and whether there will be moron vote banks
  • The status of Breaking India 2.0 forces by 2025 and leading to civil wars due to the incompetence of today’s thought leaders
  • The impact of AI on spirituality, the rise of artificial pleasure services to keep useless people happy
  • The emergence of digital devatas, artificial emotional intelligence and the crash of civilization
  • Why the Reliance-Facebook alliance is dangerous
  • Should India get into cryptocurrencies?

Stress-testing India on AI

In this very educational episode, Rajiv gives concrete ideas for India to get ahead in AI, and protect itself against the Breaking India Forces 2.0. He stresses the urgent need for leaders to wake up.

Are the Leaders Obsolete?

Alpesh Patel, Abhijit Chavda and Koenraad Elst comment on Rajiv Malhotra’s AI book and interview him.

They discuss topics like data capitalism, the AI revolution as compared to the industrial revolution, wealth inequalities and social disruption, India’s policy of supplying labor to build technologies that it then licenses back, and the impact of all these things on India and its future.

What emerges is the unmasking of most Indian leaders and social media icons in the face of the AI revolution. Are the blind leading the blind?

Short Animated Videos on AI

  • How AI manipulates Indians – Watch
  • Digital Devatas – Watch
  • Core Aspects of Chinese AI – Watch
  • White Collar Employment – Watch
  • Mid-career Workers – Watch
  • AI revolution – Watch
  • Reinventing Labor Markets – Watch

We have recently also launched short animated videos on AI in Hindi, in order to ensure that the issues discussed in the AI book reach all sections of Indian society.

  • कैसे ऐप्स और डिजिटल मंच आपको ‘गेमीफाई’ करके आपके साथ खेलते हैं – Watch

Articles/ Media Coverage on AI Book

Intellectual Kshatriya

Podcasts on Kurukshetra Channel

  1. Has AI endangered India? Madhu Kishwar Part 1
  2. Crash of Civilization | Madhu Kishwar – Part 2
  3. AI & the Leaders | Madhu Kishwar – Part 3
  4. AI & Geopolitics
  5. AI and the Disruption of Power
  6. AI Versus Being – Vandana Shiva
  7. Stress-testing India on AI | Q&A with Rajiv Malhotra
  8. Quantum Computing & National Security | TIFR Scientist
  9. Student Q&A | AI & Your Future
  10. Are the Leaders Obsolete?

Announcement – Perspectives on AI and Power


The immense success of the recent book Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Power, has led to numerous comments, interviews, discussions and articles by a wide range of thinkers including policy makers, academics, technocrats, industrialists, social scientists, and spiritualists.

Infinity Foundation, India (IFI), plans to bring out a book containing a compilation of articles written by anyone with a serious interest. These may cover any one or more of the broad range of topics addressed by the above mentioned book, or other related areas. Authors should have read the book as a reference in order to advance the conversation beyond what has already been discussed in the book.

Submission Guidelines

  • Please submit in Microsoft Word format to the email id with Subject “AI Perspectives – Submission”
  • Submission should contain Title and an Abstract
  • Submission Length: A minimum of 2000 words and a maximum 10000 words.
  • References should be provided in standard formats (APA) 
  • URL References should be sanity checked (for spam, phishing)
  • We also need a detailed bio and a short bio and a hi-res picture of the Author/s

Topics and Themes

Themes around the impact of AI on geopolitics, science and social science research, technology, pedagogy, lifestyles, civilizational issues like AI ethics, social justice, and the effect on polity and on the general force-multiplier effect of AI on all issues of global significance are welcome.

Well researched articles with illustrations and data to make arguments are welcome. If it is of the form of a critique or an opinion then a logically well-argued convincing style is generally appreciated by readers.

Commentary and opinion on any issue in which the interplay of AI and power is either overt or covert and needs to be part of public discussion and scrutiny are welcome.

Important Dates

  • First Submission Deadline: June 30 2021
  • Rework Deadline: July 30 2021
  • Intimation to Authors of Final Selected List: August 5 2021

Please email us at for queries.

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