Manjushree Hedge

Manjushree Hegde holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Sanskrit. Apart from the University education, she has studied Vyākaraṇa traditionally under the renowned scholar, Mahāmahopādhyāyā Dr. Pushpa Dixit, and Vedānta under Sri Ashwathnarayana Avadhani in Mattur. A fellow at Infinity Foundation India, she has been interested in traditional wisdom and knowledge systems of India and has been participating in the Swadeshi Indology movement. She has presented numerous papers on prestigious platforms and recently, a monograph titled “Reclaiming Rāmāyaṇa” penned by her has been published as the third volume of the Proceedings of Swadeshi Indology Conferences. She teaches Vyākaraṇa and Vedānta in her spare time and currently serves as Assistant Professor at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore.

Abstracts Of Manjushree’s Papers From SI-1 And SI-2

SI-1 paper abstract (which was turned into the monograph Reclaiming Ramayana)

Title: Introduction to Ayodhyākānḍa – Sheldon Pollock

In his introduction to the Ayodhyākānḍa of the Rāmāyana, Sheldon Pollock briefly tells of the story that unfolds in it. It captures for Pollock life played out in the city — social/family life, with its inherent tensions, the responsibilities it imposes on an individual, and the conflicting allegiances it extracts; and Read More

SI-2 paper abstract

Title: Indian Renaissance – a Birth & a Death

Sheldon Pollock’s international collaborative project, Sanskrit Knowledge Systems on the Eve of Colonialism (SKSEC) aspires to trace the intellectual history of pre-modern India in order to gather a “clearer picture” of the professed death of Sanskrit “in the face of European modernity”. Superficially, SKSEC, Read More


Critiquing Pollock’s out of context reading of the Ramayana (SI-1)

Monograph 2: Reclaiming Ramayana – Manjushree Hegde (SI-2)

Examination of Pollock’s “Project SKSEC” (SI-3)