Manogna Sastry

Manogna Sastry is a Master of Science from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, with a strong background in theoretical physics and mathematics including General Relativity, Inflationary Theory, Quantum Field Theory and Astrophysics. She has held the Young Science Fellowship in 2008 from the Indian Institute of Science; she currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer and Research Associate at Centre for Fundamental Research and Creative Education, Bengaluru. Her research interests encompass the study of ancient India as well as seeking to understand the manifestation of the old spirit of the land through contemporary forms of philosophy, science and literature. Philosophy of Mind is another domain that fascinates her, with its connections to neuroscience and consciousness studies. Manogna is a passionate environmentalist, involved with the solid waste management issues of Bengaluru as well as a keen gardener.

Abstracts Of Papers From SI-1 And SI-3

SI-1 Paper Abstract

Title: On “Death of Sanskrit”

‘The Death of Sanskrit’ – the essay published under this rather astonishing title by the Indologist Sheldon Pollock bids us to a dynamic re-examination and self defense of our invaluable literary instrument. The most august, venerable and determinative creations of the Indian race have been written in Sanskrit and Read More

SI-3 Paper Abstract

Title: The A of ABC of Indian Chronology: Dimensions of the Aryan Problem revisited in 2017

Whether posited as an invasion by or migration of Aryans, these variant forms—of an into-India hypothesis (supposed movement into India around the second millennium BCE)—are underpinned by one constant: the consequence that the earliest forms of Vedic culture and Sanskrit are not indigenous to India. Written in Read More


Analysis of Pollock’s “Death of Sanskrit” (SI-1)

The A of ABC of Indian Chronology: Dimensions of the Aryan Problem revisited in 2017 (SI-3)