Megh Kalyanasundaram

Megh Kalyanasundaram is an Indian citizen with close to nine years of lived experience in China. He is an alumnus of DAV Gopalapuram, University of Madras and ISB (Indian School of Business) where his study has included quantitative and qualitative research methods as part of his post-graduate specialization in Strategy, Marketing, Leadership. His professional experience includes stints as Market Leader in the China-entity of a Fortune 40 technology firm and as Head of Business Development, Sales and Marketing of an Indian talent development multinational. He also has served a term on the Board of a non-profit (Shanghai Indian Association) as General Secretary Sponsorship and Music. His research interests broadly revolve around ancient India in global and transnational history narratives with focus on some aspects of ancient Indian chronology. Other professional pursuits have included building differentiated digital platform of Indic texts targeted at specific learning and research needs, singing and composing, compering and event planning.

SI-3 Paper Abstract As Co-Author With Manogna Sastry

Title: The A of ABC of Indian Chronology: Dimensions of the Aryan Problem revisited in 2017

Whether posited as an invasion by or migration of Aryans, these variant forms—of an into-India hypothesis (supposed movement into India around the second millennium BCE)—are underpinned by one constant: the consequence that the earliest forms of Vedic culture and Sanskrit are not indigenous to India. Written in 2017, this paper examines, in three dimensions, whether such a hypothesis, given its startling consequence to Indic history, can remain a preserve of only one domain (linguistics) before demonstrating not only an absence of proof for such a consequence, amongst other related questions, in key Indic texts through a study of the terms ārya and drāviḍa but also specific problematics in the development of this hypothesis in historical linguistics.