Prof. K Gopinath

Prof. Gopinath is currently employed as Professor at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore in the Computer Science and Automation Department. He has a doctorate from Stanford, Master’s from UW Madison, BTech from IITM and has worked at AMD and Sun Microsystems Labs.

Abstracts Of Papers From SI-1 And SI-2

SI-1 Paper Abstract

Title: German Indology, Sanskrit and Nazi ideology

We first discuss Pollock’s work on the question of “German Indology, Sanskrit and Nazi ideology” in his paper “Deep Orientalism? Notes on Sanskrit and Power Beyond the Raj” (1993). We critically examine his thesis on complicity of Sanskrit, through German Indology, for the Nazi genocide; other claims in the paper Read More

SI-2 Paper Abstract

Title: Towards a Computational Theory of Rasa

Prof. Sheldon Pollock opines that Indian thinkers have neither attempted a robust theory for creativity nor did they have theory across kalā-s. We arque here against this opinion by sketching a computationally inspired theory of rasa (a work in progress), and attempt to uncover Indic insights over the ages Read More


History of Indology and Nazi ideology (SI-1)

A Computational Theory for Rasa (SI-2)