(SI-3) Panel Discussion on the Current state of Aryan Theories.

Panelists Sri Shrikant Talageri , Sri Shiv Shastry, Sri Gyaneshwer Chaubey , Sri P Priyadarshi, Sri Nilesh Oak, Moderated by Sri Rajiv Malhotra

Aryan Invasion theory (AIT) is a product of 18th century thinking to explain the similarities between languages of Europe and Sanskrit. When enormous archaeological evidence showed no support for AIT, the modern proponents of AIT modified it to Aryan migration theory (AMT). While it has word ‘theory’ in it, it has nothing to do with scientific concept of a theory. Rather AIT or AMT is a dogma.This dogma of AIT/AMT is being exploited by various Breaking India forces to divide Indians along the lines of ‘jati’ (brahmins vs. non-brahmins), ‘languages’ (Tamil vs. Sanskrit) and ‘geography’ (Northern vs. southern India/Indians).In this panel, the participants will discuss the origin and dogmatic nature of AIT/AMT and how it stands against the available evidence from fields of linguistics, archaeology, genetics, astronomy, hydrology and textual evidence of ancient Indian narratives.