SI – 1: Papers

Pre-print versions (A4 format) are made available here.

While these are details of the papers selected for publication, details of the entire conference and the various video segments from SI-1 can be found here.

SI -1 Group Photo

Sl No Title of paper Author No of pages Paper Link PPT link Video link
Theme – On “Death of Sanskrit”
1 On “Death of Sanskrit” Manogna Sastry 19 pdf PPT Video
2 Sanskrit: the Phoenix Phenomenon K S Kannan and Meera H R 27 pdf PPT Video
3 Pollock’s hypothesis: Sanskrit is dead, and that’s ok Naresh P Cuntoor 28 pdf PPT Video
Theme – On Śāstra
4 Sheldon Pollock on “Sastra” Vrinda Acharya 19 pdf PPT Video
5 Did Indian Intellectual tradition hold that all knowledge of practice is contained in śāstras? – A Critique of Pollock’s 1985 śāstra-s paper Surya K 28 pdf PPT Video
6 The Science and Nescience of Śāstra Sudarshan T N 39 pdf PPT Video
7 Śāstra – an impediment to progress? Rajath V 28 pdf PPT Video
Theme – On Rāmāyaṇa
8 Critique of Sheldon Pollock’s ““Rāmāyaṇa Volume 2 : Introduction to Ayodhyākāṇḍa” Manjushree Hegde 34 pdf PPT Video
9 Saṁskṛti in Context: Critiquing Pollock’s out-of-context reading of the Rāmāyaṇa Charu Uppal 23 pdf PPT Video
Theme – On Nazism and Deep Orientalism
10 Sheldon Pollock’s idea of a “National-Socialist Indology” Koenraad Elst 19 pdf PPT Video
11 German Indology, Sanskrit and Nazi ideology K Gopinath 38 pdf PPT Video
12 A pūrva-pakṣa of “Deep Orientalism ?” Ashay Naik 25 pdf PPT Video
Theme – Miscellaneous
13 A Critical Examination of Western Indologists’ Engagement with Sanskrit Poetic Texts Shankar Rajaraman 19 pdf

The final print version of the proceedings shall be made available soon.