SI – 1: Videos

Swadeshi Indology Conference - 1 (IIT, Chennai)

Prof. K.S. Kannan: Welcome Address

Rajiv Malhotra – Keynote Address

Prof. V N Jha – Inaugural Address

Prof. Devendra Jalihal – Vote of thanks

Paper Presentations

Theme: Is Sanskrit Dead or Alive?

Analysis of Pollock's "Death of Sanskrit" thesis - 2 papers - Manogna Sastry & Prof. KS Kannan / Dr. HR Meera

Rajiv Malhotra's comments and Q&A on "Death of Sanskrit" Thesis

Theme: Pollock’s Position on Shastra

Misrepresentations in Pollock’s Sastra paper - 2 Papers - Vrinda Acharya & Vikas Veshishth

Pollock’s Position on Sastras - Surya K

Comments on two papers on misrepresentations in Pollock’s Sastra paper: Prof. VN Jha

Critique of Pollock's Position on The Science of Sastras - 2 Papers - Rajat V & Sudarshan Therani

Prof. Ramanujan's comments and Q&A on the two papers on science of Sastra

Rajiv Malhotra and others in discussion on Pollock's position on Sastras

Theme: Ramayana as a Political Tool

Critiquing Pollock’s out of context reading of the Ramayana - 2 Papers - Manjshree Hedge & Charu Uppal

Pollock’s out of context reading of the Ramayana - Comments and Q&A on the papers

Comments on the two papers - Nityananda Misra

Theme: Pollock’s Position that Sanskrit was responsible for holocaust

A Purvapaksha of Deep Orientalism - Ashay Naik

History of Indology and Nazi ideology - Prof. K. Gopinath

Sheldon Pollock's Idea of a Nazi Indology - Dr. Koenraad Elst

Theme: Sanskrit was Responsible for Holocaust- Comments & Q/A

Theme: Some Indic viewpoints to refute Pollock’s positions

On Pollockism- Purvapaksha on Pollock's Methodologies: Sati Shankar

On Pollockism paper_Comments and Q and A

"Sanskrit is dead and its okay" - Naresh Cuntoor

Vedic Knowledge, Science & Pollockian Indology - Prof. Ravi Gomatam

Dr. Koenraad Elst's Comments on Indic Viewpoints to Refute Pollock's positions

Theme: Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion on Murty Classical Library - Part 1

Panel Discussion on Murty Classical Library - Part 2

Prof Makarand Paranjape (JNU) on Ambedkarism and Islam

Papers that do not come under aforementioned themes

Orientalist & Post Colonial Basis of Indology - Ravi Joshi

Sense Philology: Understanding Philological Works of Sheldon Pollock - TM Narendran

Closing remarks by Rajiv Malhotra