(SI-3) Panel Discussion on Dravidian Hinduphobia.

Panelists Sri. M.Venkatesan( ஸ்ரீ ம. வெங்கடேசன்) , Sri, N.Ananda Padmanabhan (பத்மன்) , Sri Jataayu (R N Sankara Narayanan) , Sri A.V.Gopalakrishnan (Devapriya ji) – Moderator Dr. Kanagaraj Easwaran

Anti-Hindu sentiment can be noticed across the various spheres of public life in Tamil Nadu. Contempt, hatred and prejudice towards Hindu beliefs, values, deities, Vedas, Sanskrit etc can be seen everywhere ,i n television discussions, films, print media, politics and academic seminars. Often, practising Hindus feel hurt by the media and political discussions which look down upon their customs and adhyatmic practices. Beneath this negative attitude towards Hindu beliefs and practices, and devout Hindus, a deep fear of the resurgence of dharmic culture and civilization can be located. The roots of this Hinduphobia may be traced to the colonial and missionary historiographical and ethnographic constructions.An interlocked network of Christian missionaries, leftists and Dravidianists are reproducing and perpetuating this contempt for Hinduism through academia and media. Hinduphobia needs to be understood in terms of its multiple dimensions, patterns and sources so as to tackle it. A deeper understanding of this phenomenon would pave the way for a dharmic cultural and civilizational resurgence in India especially in Tamil Nadu, the land of Azhwars and Nayanmars.