Concept Note



The re-discovery of the ancient Sarasvati river has brought about a paradigm shift in the very basics of Indology per se. The full implications of this paradigm shift remain to be ingested and appreciated in the academic circles. The US Cartosat satellite imagery had clearly photographed the dried out bed of this once mighty river in 1980. Since then, the ISRO has done yeoman service in mapping the course of the Sarasvati. Moreover, 60 percent of the so called Indus Valley archeological sites have been found on the banks of the Sarasvati course. This opens up a host of seminal questions:-

1. Which then was the cradle river of the Indian civilization? Was it the Indus or the Sarasvati?

2. The Rig Veda describes the Sarasvati as in full flow – a raging river. If that is the case, then that should push the age of the Rig Veda to almost 6000 years rather than the colonial era fixation of 1500 BCE because satellite imagery shows that the river had dried up or vanished underground by 1900 BCE.

3. It raises serious question marks over the Aryan invasion Theory (AIT) and its derivative, the Indo-Aryan Migration Theory. Was there any race called the Aryans and if so, were they not the original inhabitants of India?

4. Indeed the re-discovery of the Sarasvati has created a paradigm shift in the very basal concepts of Indology. Today bore wells are bringing up the sweet water of the Sarasvati from its underground paleo- channels in the desert.

It is time now to take stock of the tectonic plate shifts that are affecting the subject of Indology per se. There is a crying need for a Multi-disciplinary Seminar that will put together the quantum jump that has taken place in our study of and the understanding of Indology. The entire basis of Colonial historiography has been called into question. It is time to take a de novo look at the profound implications the re discovery of the Lost Sarasvati has had over the very course of ancient Indian history.

The seminar will seek to bring under one roof scholars from diverse disciplines to include:-

1. Satellite Imagery and Geological Evidence
2. Archeological Evidence
3. Gene Mapping
4. Linguistic and Scriptural Evidence

The entire Seminar proceedings will be video graphed and put on the net by Infinity Foundation. The participants and presenters are leading scholars in these diverse disciplines.

The details of the seminar are as follows:

Collaborators: Infinity Foundation, Bharat Patriots Foundation, Delhi University and Draupadi Trust.

Venue: Conference Centre, In front of Arts Faculty, North Campus, Delhi University, New Delhi.

Dates: 1-2 Aug 2019