Vision, Mission & Impact

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring about advancement of national integrity, education and the building of an Indian civilizational narrative, and to carry on cultural and charitable activities conducive to the character of the Indian Nation. We look forward to a world where Indian civlizational artefacts assets and knowledge systems are given their as legitimate cultural assets, and where civilizations and cultures attain better understanding of each other and coexist in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Our Mission

Infinity Foundation India is at the forefront of civilization studies from an Indian point of view. We publish and disseminate information & intellectual analysis emerging from research into the prevalent discourse regarding the Indian civilizational narrative.

Our range of activities are broad, and include the study and advancement of knowledge in fields including history, science, social and political thought, mind and body healing, spiritual research, academic engagement, media engagement, policy recommendations for various public and private bodies, and social activism for the betterment of society.

Towards this end we conduct and organize seminars, conferences, public meetings in India, and engage in research, publishing (print, electronic and social media), education and training, and dissemination of knowledge.