Corporate Social Responsibility

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Why choose Infinity Foundation India as your CSR partner ?
Our Accomplishments
  • We have researched and published 14 volumes on the History of Indian Science & Technology . These seminal volumes, however, need more good channels of distribution.
  • We have sponsored and organized numerous conferences on Indian models and practices in psychology and cognitive sciences. This impact can be multiplied if the research already compiled from these seminars and conferences can be provided more platforms in universities and colleges via special courses as part of the curriculum.
  • Our mentor Rajiv Malhotra has published seven path breaking books, each of which has opened fresh and provocative lines of research in India related studies through the Swadeshi Indology Conference Series. So far we have done six conferences and published 9 volumes  of books. We have many such conferences in the pipeline.
  • We plan to develop 25 e-learning courses over the next few years.
  • Through numerous lectures and the use of social media, we have championed the cause of Indian knowledge systems in multiple  domains.
  • We have conducted internship programs for school students and have ongoing programs with schools and universities.
  • Proven track record of converting ideas into concrete projects with specific outcomes.

You can partner with Infinity Foundation India and help change India for the better. You can help shape the Grand Narrative of India in the coming years and help her take her rightful place as the knowledge hub of the world as is evident from the work that we are striving to showcase and foster.

Infinity Foundation India is CSR compliant. As an organization whose primary focus is on intellectually powering the  future of India and the related global discourse – primarily via original research and its global dissemination – its impact and influence is on the thought leaders and the influencers.

Infinity Foundation India has more far reaching impact than many other organizations in this area. Choose Infinity Foundation India as your high impact CSR partner.

Infinity Foundation India is registered under section 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 bearing the registration number AABTI3519D/05/16-17/T-2081

Infinity Foundation India also has 80G exemption vide this order: URNo.AABTI3519D/05/16-17/T-2081/80G