Research Focus

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The IFI organised Swadeshi Indology Conference Series intends to pursue research in and across the following broad areas. The list below is not exhaustive but is indicative of the overall scope of research.

  1. Studies of shastras, practices, systems (including interpretation, translation):
    1. itihas, puranas, Dharmashastras, Arthashastra, etc
    2. Aagama –  evidence of unity through architecture, rituals, symbolism, dance, arts, etc.
    3. Natya shastra, rasa and performing arts
    4. Nyaya, linguistics, etc.
    5. Tantra, yoga and other embodied practices
  2. Aryan/Dravidian issues:
    1. History of Dravidianism, emergence of Aryan/Dravidian studies.
    2. Theories and counter theories.
    3. Rise of Dravidian politics in Tamil Nadu.
    4. Spiritual streams in Tamil Nadu and their relation to modern Tamil society
    5. Linguistics: Tamil-Sanskrit relations
    6. Literary & philosophical unity of Tamil culture with Hinduism (Shaiva siddhanta, Vaishnavism, Tirrukural)
  3. Jati, varna and caste: Traditional views, evolution of new views, political issues and remedies. Genetic/DNA studies on unity of Indians – many controversial claims and counter claims.
  4. Women’s studies: traditional families, roles of women and evolution over time, modern situation, Western feminism and its impact on society.
  5. Relationship of Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism
  6. Indian social fault lines, NGOs and foreign nexuses
  7. Western Indology & Western Universalism:
    1. Purva paksha and response to Subalternism, Postmodernism, Freudian psychoanalysis, Feminism & Neo-Orientalism
    2. Purva paksha and response to distortions of sacred texts/practices
    3. Mimamsa and Western philology
    4. Distortions of Vedanta, Yoga
    5. Vyakarana sastra and western linguistics
  8. Modern South Asian Studies in the West: Academics, Church, USCIRF, think tanks, funding agencies.
  9. Minority studies: Foreign-origin religions of India; relationships with foreign base and with Bharat. 
  10. Study of inculturation, digestion and the related socio-politics.
  11. Chronology of ancient history
  12. Archaeology.